Bring your vinyl records to life
with your fans and our vinyl community

Crowdfunding on Qrates is a revolutionary way to release music on vinyl without the traditional financial commitments, inventory risks or fulfillment hassles.


Crowdfunding specialized for vinyl

All of the details of each phase of creating, releasing and delivering vinyl records are built-in so you can focus on getting your music on vinyl for your most passionate fans. Backers simply pledge to crowdfunding projects on Qrates by reserving your vinyl record.


Get paid fast

After your funding project successfully reaches its goal, your net proceeds (minus manufacturing and service fees) are available immediately to cash out after the records have begun shipping.


Self purchase at manufacturing cost

Want to reserve some records for yourself to take on the road? While your funding project is live, you can self purchase a portion of your pressing order at cost value from your project dashboard.


Set your funding project for success

A funding project on Qrates can last up to 75 days and proper preparation is key. Get your fans and social media communities involved to create interest and awareness for your project.

Vinylize your music with Qrates