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Record Distribution

Sell your record to retail stores

worldwide with Store Delivery

Distribute your record to our global network of retail stores on your own terms and get your music discovered.

Offer your record directly to buyers

Store Delivery allows artists on Qrates to offer their vinyl records at wholesale to an ever growing network of partner retail stores. Stores are provided a dedicated portal to preview and purchase records.

Set your own terms

Artists opting in to Store Delivery can set their own wholesale price and how many records are made available to stores.

Store Delivery supports crowdfunding projects

Store partners can pledge orders towards crowdfunding projects accelerating projects towards their goal. Stores receive their wholesale records only once a project successfully reaches its goal.

Global network of retail stores

Below are some of the stores included in our ever growing Store Delivery network. Juno Records, HHV , Vinyl Digital, HMV Records, Jetset Records, Technique, Dubstore Record, Spot Records, and Halcyon.

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