The Qrates team is here to make your project a success. Here are some tips & tricks you might find useful based on the status of your project.


Crowdfund or Make & Sell: What’s right for you?
So you’re ready to make a record. The next step is deciding how you’re going to make it happen? Let's take a look at the options. 
Groover is an innovative platform connecting artists with the industry
The Paris and New York-based initiative, helps independent musicians promote their work with the best curators, radios and labels seeking emerging talent.
Adaptation: Ariel Hyatt’s The Ultimate Guide to Music Publicity teaches artists how to survive & thrive on the internet
The New York-based music industry veteran and digital marketer talks developing a brand outside of an artform and building relationships with fans.
How to turn a profit on your next project
How much should I charge for my vinyl? How much profit will I make? Should I charge more? Understanding your options and working out the numbers before your next release will be key to your success. 
5 Step Guide To Getting Started With Qrates
Ready to get your music on vinyl? Great! Qrates makes it easy, affordable, and fun! Since 2015 Qrates (pronounced like ‘crates’) has helped tens of thousands of artists worldwide in all genres to get their vinyl on.
How to launch your record with a pre-order campaign
It takes generally 10-12 weeks to press a record. If you’ve opted to ‘press & sell’ instead of ‘crowdfund’ - then it’s a good idea to generate buzz and build momentum during the production period before your launch.
Prelaunch Project Page Checklist
Congrats, you're ready to go live on Qrates and start taking orders. Here's a checklist to make sure that your project page is looking the best it can so you're starting off on the right foot.
Creating a beautiful iconic vinyl record
For generations, the album cover artwork has been an essential part of listening to music, defining how we look at and remember a particular album. 
Crowdfunding your next record: 7 tips to make it work
Launching a crowdfunding campaign is one thing but reaching your goal, is an art in itself. Since 2015, we’ve worked with artists globally who have successfully crowdfunded and released music on vinyl, so we’ve learnt a thing or two along the way. 
How to ship your vinyl record to your fans
Your vinyl is a physical product, which means someone needs to pack it, post it, ship it, and store it. Whether it’s sending yourself copies, shipping it to direct fans, or delivering it to stores, Qrates can manage the entire fulfillment process.
How to crowdfund: Advice for musicians, from musicians
We asked our artists to tell us what they had to share about building a successful crowdfunding campaign.
How to reach your crowdfunding goal
After all the energy and love you put into your release, you want to make sure you do reach your funding goal. Here are 5 features we offer on Qrates that are seemingly simple, yet effective, methods that you might not have thought of to help you get there.