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Our Partners


Our main production partner, GZ Media, not only presses the records, but also prints the jackets and creates the packaging for every project on Qrates. As the world’s largest record plant with over 65 years of business, GZ Media combines European record pressing tradition with the latest technologies to produce an auditory richness that is impossible to recreate digitally. GZ Media’s manufacturing expertise allows us to provide great sounding records in a well-designed package.


Vinyl record production is an analog process in which data is pressed into physical material. This is a complicated process which requires separate mastering methods from digital streaming or CD’s. As an optional service, Qrates offers vinyl mastering from highly experienced vinyl mastering engineers. Even if it’s your first time making a vinyl record, our mastering service is designed to be an easy to use step to improving your vinyl sound quality.


Qrates uses Whiplash Merchandising, a vendor specializing in vinyl fulfillment and storage in The United Kingdom and America for shipping and for our Qrates Storage service. Qrates artists can choose the shipping center closest to them or their intended audience to bring down the shipping cost and shipping time of their final product. We use industry-standard carriers, including FedEx, UPS, The United States Postal Service, DHL, Royal Mail, Passport, Asendia, Canada Post, and DPD to fulfill our deliveries. Through our Qrates Storage service, Qrates artists can optionally store in and sell their records from Whiplash’s facilities even after a Crowdfunding or Pre-order campaign has ended. This way, artists don’t have to deal with the hassle of coordinating and managing shipping on their own.


Qrates Store Delivery partners have direct access to purchase vinyl records on Qrates at wholesale prices set by the artist. Our international network of over 120 store partners provides additional opportunities for sales and discovery for artists while store partners gain access to records exclusively available on Qrates.

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