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Vinyl Record Pressing

Intuitive, simple and customizable vinyl pressing

With Qrates, no previous experience or vinyl expertise is required. Use our powerful but yet intuitive tools to create your own custom vinyl release.


High quality record pressing delivered in 8~10 weeks starting from 100 copies

Qrates connects with a network of trusted vinyl manufacturing plants in North America and Europe to deliver high quality vinyl record pressings in 8~10 weeks globally. Ordering quantities start from a minimum of 100 copies enabling both starting individual artists and labels with larger requirements to deliver at scale.


Design your vinyl record in 3D

Our 3D visualizer will help realize the color, packaging and other various details of your vinyl record intuitively, all while you keep track of the costs.


End to end support

From preparing audio, artwork, test pressing and more, vinyl pressing is a process that requires communication. Our team will guide you throughout each process to deliver the best vinyl and experience to you and your fans.


Many color variations and picture disk support

35 colors and various patterns are supported for a total of 120,000 pressing variations. Add your own graphic or picture to truly make it one of a kind.


Mastered for vinyl

Mastering for vinyl is the process of treating audio with specialized EQ, compression, noise reduction, and stereo image processing so it can be pressed to vinyl at its highest quality.

We are pleased to offer an optional Qrates vinyl mastering service using the highly experienced mastering engineers at the Qrates Mastering Studio.

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