You make music.
We do the rest.


Get music you can touch

Whether you’re crowdfunding your first release or you know exactly what you want and just need to get it done, you can start pressing vinyl at a minimum of 100 pieces.

Fast turnaround

Our vinyl pressing partners in North America and Europe can get your record in your hands within 8-12 weeks from the moment you press “press.”

Press Only is an option

If you’ve got your album mastered and ready to go, you can press vinyl without launching a project on Qrates. Send us your files, make one up-front payment, and we’ll press and ship your records in bulk directly to you.

Repress your project

Record sold out? Get the same sound with a new look. Order a repressing of your project using the same master stamper used in the original press, and customize your new project in a new style.

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