Time Capsule

“What you are hearing is an offering to any and all future beings.
We are sealing some of the thoughts and feelings, the vibrations of our day
In what you may call a me capsule, which itself has been sealed with cosmic love”

Weldon Irvine - Time Capsule (1973)

Time Capsule is a reissue focused record label born out of a loose musical community based around the long running party Beauty & The Beat, and East London’s music venue brilliant corners.

We are multi-cultural, cross-genre musicologists & obsessive record collectors. We like to share the music through audiophile analogue sound system which reveals the details of the sound as well as the emotional impact of the music. Regardless of its style, origins or era, the music we love shares a strong sonic experience and deeply emotional connection.

Our objective is to explore, study, curate and spread the sonic experience of this “time art” as meticulously as we can with as much love and care as possible, so that anyone who open these time capsules will experience the the same magic of the music in its purest and most accurate recreation.