Sami Grisafe

Los Angeles, CA
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Sami Grisafe’s [Gri-SAH-fee] uncle bet her $20 she wouldn’t survive Hell Week for Varsity Football. Since then, she became the first female in California to play Quarterback in a men’s Varsity DI high school football game, captained Team USA to 3 World Championships, and was named World MVP twice. She’s been writing her own rules ever since she collected her Uncle’s 20 bucks.
Sami’s first love was football, but music and performance was in her DNA. Growing up, she watched her parents perform all over Southern California, learning the craft of live performance and falling in love with the stage. Again, Sami found herself at odds with the advice she was receiving - “Choose sports or the arts. You can’t do both”. Since she ignored that advice, Sami has garnered 5 Grammy Pre-Nominations, performed an acoustic version of her original song, “Key of Us”, on an episode of Showtime’s Original Series, Work in Progress, was named Chicago Music Awards Rock Entertainer of the Year and was awarded Action ICON’s Dare 2 Be Different Award.
Now, Sami’s roots as a trailblazing female athlete and dynamic performer have merged. An Award-winning feature-length documentary about Sami’s life in football, Open Field, had its World Premiere at the Austin Film Festival in Oct. 2020, and is currently screening and collecting awards in festivals across the U.S.. In collaboration with producers KOIL and Eren Cannata (Demi Lovato, Andra Day), Grisafe performed and co-wrote all of the songs on the Open Field Soundtrack. The soundtrack is soaked in empowerment with auto-biographical lyrics, live-game audio, driving beats, and anthemic melodies. Tracks like these are often paired with high-stakes, adrenaline-laced action, but rarely by a gritty female vocal, and never by the athlete that’s lived them.