66 Steps

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66 Steps set out to take you on a heavy and hypnotic journey. David Collupy (bass), Robert Rivas (guitar), and Chloé Trujillo (vocals) have crafted a unique sound from a variety of influences.

Originally from New England, Collupy stays immersed in a variety of creative projects involving music, film, and more. When 66 Steps needs those low-frequency rumbles, Collupy is glad to oblige.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Rivas draws influence from his favorite bands in a variety of genres from heavy to melodic and organic to electronic. He is also inspired by films & literature of the macabre. Whispering or screaming, Rivas’ riffs will mesmerize and move you.

Trujillo hails from the magnificent city of Paris; she was raised by fashion designer parents and an opera singer grandfather, surrounded by music, beauty, art and design. Trujillo now lives in Los Angeles with her husband, musician Robert Trujillo, and their two children. She balances her time between art, music and fashion, infusing each piece and project with the love and excitement she feels while creating. Within 66 Steps, she casts her beautifully haunting voice into the psyche of those that listen.