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UK based Techno Producer, DJ & founder of Corrupt Systems, an imprint that has been releasing Techno in all its glorious forms since 2008. In 2015 the Corrupt Systems Techno Podcast began, and has since worked with some of the finest DJ's from across the globe. ( http://corrupt-systems.co.uk )
| Labels |
Corrupt Systems [UK] / Global Tension Records [UK] / Gobsmacked Records [Germany] / Take More Music Records [Kosovo] / K-84 Records [Chile] / Hypnotek909 [UK] / Confused Man Records [Turkey] / I-Traxx Recordings [Spain] / Ex-tract Records [Czech Republic] / Viral Conspiracy Records [Italy] / Carmarage Records [Czech Republic] / Alphanumeric Recordings [UK] / ACR Recordings [UK] / Lo-Tech Recordings [Ireland] / Devon To Detroit [UK] / LW Recordings [UK] and more.....