NaraBara is a musical collective blending the complex harmonies and intricate rhythms of jazz with the mystical storytelling and atmospheric qualities of Mongolian folk. Yider, the producer and vocalist, has enlisted keyboardist Asr, guitarist Suoty, and drummer Zhitong Xu to combine their years of technical craft in a soundscape rooted deeply in disciplined energy and textural layering.
The band’s debut album, “Hamt Zamin Hümüs," is set to be released on 19 June 2023. This project sees Yider return to his musical and cultural roots; a reconnection with his inner self and the indescribably curious feeling that first brought music into his heart growing up as a child in Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia. Showcasing their ability to bridge traditional instrumentation with modern aesthetics, the band seamlessly interlays the standard stage setup of keys, bass, and drums with the Guembri from Morocco, the Ngoni from West Africa, and the Morin Khuur from Mongolia. The final result is a Mongolian-sung, jazz-fused synergy that embodies the name of the album “Companions”, a boundary-breaking, creative collaboration amongst friends and musicians who are constantly finding inspiration within each other.
This June 2023, Narabara will bring the album "Hamt Zamin Hümüs" on the road in Europe to showcase their artistic finesse.