Chagall puts a beating heart in music & technology. She sings, composes, dances, programs, experiments and paves her way through everything that is human. Captivating, playful and intimate; every performance by Chagall is a spectacular audio-visual experience that inspires and connects.

Joining the London music technology startup MiMU in 2014 kicked off Chagall’s fascination for motion controllers in electronic music performance and stimulated her to learn more about computer programming. By 2017 she produced her first live show in which she
controlled all digital elements in the music and visual projections with her MiMU Gloves. This work sent her across the globe to give performances and tell her story of using sensor-tech in music to colleagues & students at events like TEDx, South by Southwest, Ableton
Loop, MUTEK Montreal, Reeperbahn Festival, Sonar +D, Dutch Design Week, Amsterdam Dance Event, Boiler Room and many more.

In 2019 she created ‘Advaita’ for which she turned the Xsens motion capture suit into a full body musical instrument. By developing this technical ability she really made live music, technology, visual and movement work together in harmony as all artistic elements are
controlled by one thing: the performer’s body. The result is a synergy of movement, music and visual effects performance that is understood intuitively and emotionally.

In 2021 she went further to not only control a digital environment but affect the physical space around her by creating B.A.B.Y. a fully reactive light-art installation in the shape of a LED cocoon. With B.A.B.Y. she realised her latest live show Unlocked which is currently touring.