Erik Elsom

Spokane, WA (US)
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My parents saw enough music in me at a young age to buy me a keyboard for my seventh birthday. At that point, my life changed. I loved everything about music and began teaching myself music theory with some beginners books we had and I started piano lessons soon thereafter. I studied with some composers who had composed a lot of their own stand-alone works for choir and orchestra so I learned a lot about composition and music writing during this time. This is when I learned to write and record using software as well.

As a teen I picked up the viola and began studying with a local music academy. I played viola in string quartets and had, up until recently (because covid), played viola with the Gonzaga symphony where we have accompanied some pretty spectacular artists such as Midori and Shlomo Mintz!

I began working on my first musical compositions for piano when I was 13 and have composed some pieces for some youtube intros and arranged pieces for various instruments for weddings, etc.

My latest projects include a track for King’s Chill Vol. 2 (Nectar of the Gods) as well as re-mastering/mixing/orchestrating the entire King’s Quest V soundtrack for my project- King’s Quest V - Songs of Serenia!