Jovan Landry (Featuring Various Artists)

Jovan Landry is an International Interdisciplinary Artist based in Chicago, who proclaims herself as the "1/3 Filmmaker, 1/3 Photographer and 1/3 Emcee." Jovan's mantra is to use her artistic gifts to reflect the true stories of the world, herself and others.

With the discovery of her unique voice at the age of 16 through creating her own video blogs, she tapped into musical production, film and photography and many other artistic forms. She holds a B.A in Film & Video from Columbia College Chicago, and throughout the years worked with a number of musicians, artists, dancers, businesses, organizations and fellow filmmakers. Musically, Jovan has a number of self-released EPs & albums, and her lyrical, articulate and high energy performances has landed her on a number of showcases and festivals across the country and overseas, both as a solo act and with her 5-piece backing band, 'The Land'.

In May 2017, Jovan was awarded the Incubate Grant presented from WeWork Creator Awards in Detroit to create her 5th album "Synergy," an all-women produced and performed Hip-Hop Album. She's been grateful to talk about this project at WeWork Creator Awards Berlin and at the Women in Hip-Hop Conference at St. Louis University.

Most recently, Jovan traveled to Haiti with Ozuzu Dances' Project Tool & Black Arts Retreat as a videographer, and was invited to return to Lagos, Nigeria for a second time to participate in danceGATHERING 2019, an “anti-disciplinary” experiment ensued that culminated in a 2-day contemporary performance street festival.