Matsusaka Daisuke

バンドのプロデュースやアレンジ、CMや企業PVなどの音楽制作、各種マスタリングも手がけ、現在はStudio Sprout Lab.代表およびクラシックレーベルでのマスタリングエンジニアも務めており、2014年にはApple社よりMastered for iTunes対応エンジニアの認定も受けている。

Matsusaka Daisuke, who was birthed in Hiroshima, is a DJ, composer, and sound engineer. He started making tracks in 1994, and then began deejaying in 1998.
Releasing his first 12” vinyl single in 2000, he has released two albums and three 12” singles and provided lots of tracks for various compilations.
He’s also produced some bands, offered tracks for commercials, and mastered different kinds of music.
Now he acts as CEO of "Studio Sprout Lab." and a mastering engineer in the classical music label.
He acquired a qualification of "Mastered for iTunes" from Apple in 2014.
In addition, He’s now pursuing potential of party, organizing an ambient party “Off-Tone.”
He started management "Off-Tone" as a music label in March, 2017.
"Off-Tone" is taking responsibility for all from production to the place of sharing.
It is for promote making "The Future with The Music".