Chairman Maf

Sheffield, UK
7 projectsSoul

PAWN is Chairman Maf's ninth instrumental outing, 5 new tracks packed full of the trademark soulful cinematic samples we have come to expect from one of hip hop's greatest talents (source unknown).

Covering such uplifting topics as austerity, death, child sacrifice and the impending apocalypse, PAWN is a must to have in your collection.

As a special bonus feature, the vinyl includes the track: BOOZE" from Maf's 3rd album "SOUP" which mysteriously disappeared from its vinyl pressing, thought to be due in part to paranormal interference - although there have been suggestions from small pockets of the hip hop community that Maf was wasted when he sent it off and forgot to include the track. Perhaps a mystery best left unsolved.

As well as the bonus vinyl track 'BOOZE' there are also 3 digital bonus tracks to DL on completion of the project (as well as a digital DL of PAWN).

Don't miss out on this one, it will be your only ever chance to own this classic on vinyl.