Sophia Galaté

Los Angeles
2 projectsJazz

Sophia Galaté is a singer, musician, and songwriter from Los Angeles, by way of Chicago, who's been singing and performing since she was 6 years old. Her music is a blend of the sounds that define her life—R&B, Soul, and Jazz. Sophia pays homage to her biggest influences by taking inspiration from D'Angelo's soft vocal runs and melodies, and Amy Winehouse's ability to create timeless music. 
Sophia's music and sound are uniquely hers, and incomparable to any current artist. On her debut EP, SOFIA,  she’s created a new neo-soul feeling for her audience to enjoy live and at home. Notably known for her voice—her tone is luscious yet sultry, and her use of runs and harmonies truly show off her skills. Her lyrics are personal and most importantly, relatable to her fans.