Habaneuro LP Vinyl

Habaneuro LP Vinyl

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The convergence of exotic sound design and raw psychedelic intensity finds a home in the musical creations of American bass producer Andrew Bryant, aka Hullabalo0. Drawing upon nearly two decades of immersion in the musical world as a listener, musician, beatmaker, DJ, and producer, he has carved a growing niche for himself in the rough-and-tumble world of underground electronica with his provocative fusion of arpeggiated and glitch-tinged, 808-driven, Neuro-style bass music. With a potent discography of releases, remixes, and collaborations that have placed him at the helm of some of the country’s most celebrated psychedelic music events, Hullabalo0 brings a shapeshifting quality to the bass realm that continues to mutate with each musical incarnation.

Hullabalo0 architect Andrew Bryant discovered an early calling in the melodic and improvisational power of the piano, owed largely to his childhood exposure to classical music in Europe and to jazz in America. It was a passion he would nurture throughout his adolescence as his nomadic family moved from Europe to America and eventually to Argentina, where his piano studies began to converge with a budding interest in west-coast beatmaking and electronic music production. A formative period during which he was first exposed to psytrance and, later, 808-infused bass music, this time was pivotal in Bryant’s development as an artist inspired by the sounds and culture of his surroundings, with the psychedelic arrangements of pioneers like Infected Mushroom, Grouch, and eventually, kLL sMTH and Tipper, playing a key role in his early compositions.
12” Black vinyl (33 rpm)
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