Sinitus Tempo

Nathan Peters Also known by his stage name Sinitus Tempo, Is an American Born Musician/Producer from Mount Rainier, Maryland. Working with and producing for such artist as Mick Jenkins, OG MACO, Pyramid Vritra, Azizi Gibson, Substantial, Ace Cosgrove, MED, Sammus, Jun Chikuma + More has gained Him Recognition across many genres. Working with companies such as Devolver Digital, Roll7, and praised by Funimation, BitTorrent.

In late 2019 Sinitus Tempo signed a publishing deal with Noir Caesar for his manga Allure the evening primrose. as of 2020 he has licensed his music to major restaurants, hotels, and top golf. he has also scored tracks for king Vader's the matrix reborn film alongside production group "the orchestrators". Also King Vader x Netflix - raincoat academy.