Take pre-orders.

Get your records pressed, sooner. Take pre-orders while they're in production. We’ll take care of the rest. ↓


Fast turnaround

Get your records delivered in 20 weeks, cassettes in 8 weeks or less.

Offset upfront costs

Take orders as soon as your project launches.

Reward your fans

Perfect for short-runs, limited edition or special releases.


Bring in money while your
music is in production.

Make it real with Qrates Vinyl Studio
Design how your record will look with a wide range of custom options.
Complete your project & finalize the details
Pay upfront before uploading mastered files and artwork for production.
Take preorders while in production
Fans can pre-order your record or cassette while they're in production. Have the option to preview a test pressing or test recording. Once you're happy, we'll start production. They'll ship immediately when they're done.
We ship and handle support. You get paid.
Your product goes direct to fans, record stores, and anywhere else you want it to.

Free Storage.

Have a few copies left after your pre-order period? We'll store them for free and ship directly to fans, or where you need it.