Vinylize Your Music

Get your music on vinyl and into the hands of your fans worldwide.

What can I do with Qrates?

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Fast, high quality records from 100 copies

Music on Qrates is pressed with the highest quality standards by global industry leading manufacturers such as GZ Media and more. Start pressing from 100 copies with a global turnaround delivery time from 8~10 weeks.

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Press, Sell and Ship in one stop

Manage the entire lifecycle of your vinyl release from commerce, manufacturing and fulfillment all within Qrates.

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More options for your release on Qrates

Artists have 2 options when publishing a project on Qrates; start collecting pledges from backers without any financial commitment upfront with a “Crowdfunding” project, or pre-purchase your vinyl pressing upfront and start pre-orders right away. The choice is yours.

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Your own personal record store

Launching a project on Qrates is like having your own personal record store. Customize its look with video, graphics and color templates to make it your own.

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Distribution to stores worldwide

Set your own wholesale price and your record will be made available to our network of 100+ retail stores worldwide through our Store Delivery distribution program.

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The best of the digital world

Add a digital bonus track just for backers, sell the digital version or add them as a part of your vinyl release. With Qrates, you have the convenience and flexibility of the digital world too.

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Multiple currency support

Launch your project in one of four currencies (USD, EURO, GBP or JPY) currently supported by Qrates.

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Store your records with Qrates

Records pressed with Qrates, whether it be inventory or new additional reissues, can be stored in our warehouse and sold separately without a project finish date outside of your pre-order or crowdfunding project.

Select Your Project Type

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Press only

Order vinyl pressing without publishing a project on Qrates.

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Press and Sell

Pay your pressing fees first and start pressing while you take orders.

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Launch a project first and pay for pressing fees later.

Not ready to choose your project type?

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