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Sell your records directly to fans and stores

Publishing a project on Qrates gets your music in front of our entire vinyl community of music lovers and retail stores. Eliminate unnecessary cost and shipping hassles by pressing on demand.


Sell your records from your project page

Each record on Qrates has its own project page that can take pledges or pre-orders depending on the project type you choose. Project pages can be customized with your own colors and graphics to match the look and feel of your music. Click here for more about project types.


Flexible pre-ordering

Unlike crowdunding projects that can be launched without an initial payment for vinyl pressing, pre-order projects on Qrates can go straight to the press by pre-purchasing manufacturing. Additionally, take advantage of the flexibility of crowdfunding by reserving the right to change your order quota until pressing starts and also offering the certainty of pre-ordering to your customers.


Multiple currencies supported

Projects on Qrates can be launched in one of the four supported currencies, USD, EUR, GBP and JPY.


Reach further with digital

Your music on Qrates can be offered digitally in a variety of ways. Enable streaming on your project page for track previewing, sell your digital album along with your vinyl and offer free bonus tracks to incentivize orders.

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Press and ship, all in one stop

Once your records are pressed, Qrates can ship them directly to your fans and stores eliminating extra shipping cost, hassle and delays.

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Sell your record to record stores

Offer your record to a network of physical record stores around the world with click of a button.

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Vinylize your music with Qrates