Cory Wong and Dirty Loops // TURBO

a new album by Cory Wong and Dirty Loops.

a new album by Cory Wong and Dirty Loops.

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Cory Wong and Dirty Loops // TURBO

Cory Wong and Dirty Loops
3 days left
$ 30.00
12” Black vinyl (33 rpm)

Project DetailsCory Wong and Dirty Loops // TURBO

12” Black vinyl (33 rpm)
Caution: Vinyl mockups and specs may differ from the final product. Qrates is not responsible if the final product does not match expectations.
Crowdfunding project
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Digital download bonus
This project has no digital download bonus.
Project duration
Aug 20 2021 00:00 ~ Sep 20 2021 00:00 UTC
Estimated shipping date
Records are shipped typically 2-3 months from the project’s end date once after the project has successfully ended.
* Please note that the schedule is subject to change depending on any schedule changes at the pressing plant and the artist’s ability to submit production assets.
Shipping Fees
Ship from London/UK
Shipping fee to United States: $ 15.00 ~
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hi. i'm Cory Wong. i play guitar and bass and produce music.
you might know me from my own music or from Vulfpeck or Fearless Flyers. i really enjoy playing music and making art. hopefully you dig it.

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