Empire Of Love

Black Metal For Equality

Black Metal For Equality

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Empire Of Love

Violet Cold
Now on sale
Aug 20 2021
$ 29.95
12” Black vinyl (33 rpm)

Project DetailsEmpire Of Love

12” Black vinyl (33 rpm)
Caution: Vinyl mockups and specs may differ from the final product. Qrates is not responsible if the final product does not match expectations.
Sell catalog project
This is a Sell Catalog project which you can purchase the artist's stock. Your order will be shipped from the artist's delivery base after your order has been processed.
Digital download bonus
This project has no digital download bonus.
Project duration
Pre-order: May 20 2021 00:00 UTC ~ Aug 20 2021 00:00 UTC
Retail release date: Aug 20 2021 00:00
Estimated shipping date
Your order will ship from our warehouse within 3-5 business days after the order has been processed.
Shipping Fees
Ship from London/UK
Shipping fee to United States: $ 15.00 ~
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Violet Cold is an experimental AI simulated music project from 40°22'37.7"N 49°50'51.6"E

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