The long awaited third album by British experimental thrashers Detritus

The long awaited third album by British experimental thrashers Detritus

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Feb 19 2021
£ 20.00
12” Black heavy vinyl (33 rpm)
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Project DetailsMyths

12” Black heavy vinyl (33 rpm)
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Pre-order: Nov 29 2020 00:00 UTC ~ Apr 16 2021 00:00 UTC
Retail release date: Feb 19 2021 00:00
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After a "brief" hiatus, Bristol (UK) based experimental thrashers Detritus are back. Building on the success of their first two albums (Perpetual Defiance and If But For One), "Myths" hits you hard in the soul, wondering from which direction the next punch is coming from. Delicate and brutal, driving rhythms, melody and a complex wall of sound will leave you wondering how you lived without them for so long....

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