Mastering Service

Professional vinyl mastering
with Color Sound Studio
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Why do I need a vinyl mastering?

Mastering for CD and vinyl don't quite work the same. By reading our audio preparation guide, you might understand better what we are talking about. To get your sound right on the vinyl, there is actually a lot of manipulation needed. The reason is because for CDs, you can have a huge amount of treble or bass without having them distorted, but for vinyls extreme frequencies cause a distortion which will lead to jumping needles and other problems. There is a lot more about this issue that could be talked about, but for now we just want you to understand that by mastering your audio for vinyl, your music will sound nicer, which should be the same reason why you get a mastering for your digital releases, and will be 100% adapted to vinyl cutting.

About Color Sound

Color sound Studio based in Paris (France) is one of Europe best studios for mix and mastering, complete with high-spec mastering gear. The two studio operators David Hachour and Frolent Sabaton have worked on mixing and mastering for various artists in a multitude of music genres and also have music producer's career of their own.

Mastering price

Mastering Price

For Vinyl€39.00 / track
For Digital€39.00 / track 
For Vinyl and Digital€49.00 / track

Important: Please note that there is no retouching for this service.

Please follow the steps below to get your audio mastered.

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Select mastering option and number of tracks
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Make the payment via PayPal
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Upload your audio file
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Receive the mastered files within 3-6 business days