Shopping Guide

Purchasing music on QRATES

All the products on QRATES are registered and sold by the Artists and Labels

Products are sent directly by the Artists and Labels and QRATES is working on shipping solutions. Stay tuned

QRATES is a platform where Artists and Labels deal directly with their fans.

Types of products that Artists and Labels can register

Funding(Vinylize) Project

Back Catalog

Digital Tracks

What is Vinylize?

"Vinylize" is the original term of QRATES, which implies the meaning of turning the digital music in to vinyls through the support(funding) of the fans.To get the music on vinyl, artists will need to collect pre-orders from fans in advance to the actual pressing. Once enough pre-orders are collected, the vinyl will be pressed(vinylized). If not, the vinyl will not be pressed.

Notes on Funding Projects

  • Product will only be purchased when the artists' desired amount of pre-orders are made
  • Once you pre-order the project, it cannot be cancelled
  • The Artist and Label holds takes on the responsibility regarding the product
  • It takes approximately 8 weeks until the pre-ordered products are shipped to the customers
  • Payment can be made via Paypal
  • Digital tracks can be downloaded from your pre-ordered project's page

For more detailed information, please refer to the FAQ below