Sell Catalog

Sell your back catalog too

At QRATES, you can also sell your back catalog records directly to fans at the price you think is the best.
Create your artist page and start your vinyl projects
Starting your project on QRATES is easy. Just build and customize your artist page, design your vinyl, and enter the necessary information to launch your project. There is no sign up fee, it's free.
Powerful promotion integrated with digital content
Alongside digital streaming and album sales, you can plan your original promotion strategy by offering free downloadable tracks and bonus tracks to fans who purchase your vinyl. We also offer useful statistics about track plays, page visits and more.
  • Receive revenue for each vinyl saleQRATES takes nothing except a small 15% sales charge. We transfer your revenue each time one of your vinyls is purchased.
  • Add value to your vinyl project by selling it with merchandiseEverything is customizable at QRATES: sell your vinyl with merch or concert tickets, offer limited collector editions to your fans, and give them bonus incentives when they purchase your vinyl.

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