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A one stop service to press, sell, and distribute your vinyl to record stores worldwide.

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'Press & Sell' is a new type of project that can be launched at QRATES.
It enables you to start your vinyl pressing and to sell your records to fans and record stores worldwide at the same time.
Press your vinyl from 100 copies.
From cutting and pressing vinyl to printing sleeves and labels, our partnerships enable us to offer a professional and high-quality service for your releases.
Instantly sell your vinyls on the QRATES website.
While the vinyl is being pressed, you can collect pre-orders from fans. To start, just build and customize your artist page, design your vinyl, and enter the necessary information to launch your project page. There is no sign up fee, it's fun and free! Alongside our unique vinyl simulation tool, you can promote your vinyl with digital streaming, downloads, and more to boost your orders.
Collect orders from record stores worldwide.
We have tied up partnerships with record stores worldwide to enable them to order your vinyl at a wholesale price set by you. This "Store Delivery" system can collect orders from major record stores in Japan, the EU as well as their 100+ partner stores. When making your pressing order, simply enter the information for the wholesalers and the buyers will be able to listen and make orders of your vinyl through their accounts with QRATES.
Powerful promotion integrated with digital content.
Alongside digital streaming and album pre-sales, you can plan your own promotion strategy by offering free download tracks and bonus tracks to fans who purchase or pre-order your vinyl. We also offer useful statistics about track plays, page visits and more.
  • How is it different from funding?'Press & Sell’ projects are launched when artists and labels make an upfront payment for the pressing. This means that fans know that the vinyl will be pressed for sure. They will also receive their vinyl faster than a funding project as there is no funding period.
  • Direct shipping from the plant to the fans and stores.Pressed vinyls can be shipped directly from the plant to fans and stores, reducing time and work for the artists and labels. For this, select the 'Delivery by Qrates' option when building your record project in the vinyl simulator.
  • Add value to your vinyl project by selling it with merchandise.You can customize your vinyl project at QRATES e.g. sell your vinyl with merchandise or concert tickets, offer limited collector editions to your fans, and give them bonus incentives when they pre-order your vinyl.

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