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The Messengers

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The Messengers is a unique band, where people from vastly different backgrounds, with
equally diverse stories, find a common purpose in wri>ng and performing music together. Initially set up as a student placement in 2012, the band is made up of Masters students at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and people with lived experiences of homelessness, who seek support from St Mungos Homeless Charity. The project is unique for its artistic quality, the unity of its members and the manner in which the music is generated collabora>vely, despite a large proportion of the group having no prior experience of composition, lyric writing or music-making in general.
The band has long moved beyond being a training project for conservatoire students or a socially engaged arts project. It is a band with a strong iden>ty, sophis>cated crea>ve process and cap>vates audiences anywhere with their vibrant and professional standard performances.