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ambient piano & electronic composer
ambient piano & electronic composer
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Paddy Mulcahy

Hey guys!

I always wanted to press an album to vinyl. After seeing the response to "The Words She Said" following its digital release, I felt that it really deserves to be available to music lovers & collectors on vinyl.

By funding this project, you are reserving your 12" copy of the record, AND also helping others have the opportunity to buy it.
Also, by funding this project you are helping me to survive, put bread on the table and continue to make music - I'm lucky to have gotten this far and I am certainly living the dream.

The wonderful artwork on the record was created by Eoin O'Connor, and in purchasing this vinyl, you're also taking home some of his unique art.

With each vinyl purchase (or reservation) you will receive a digital download of the album too. For mobile listening ;)

I'd like to thank you all again for your support, and I would greatly appreciate your help in making this happen.