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Stained Glass (Bandcamp/Qrates 2017)
Winter (1631 Recordings 2016)
Behind Black Clouds (Fluttery Records 2015)
Brussel Zuid (Bandcamp 2014)
Colors In The Dark (Time Released Sound 2013)
Enlighten Yourself While You Sleep (Fluttery Records 2013)
Angels And Demons (Fluttery Records 2012)


Monochromie is a one-man project by the French artist Wilson Trouvé who creates music in the cross-section between ambient and cinematic post-rock with the piano as his primary instrument. The discography of Wilson Trouvé (Monochromie) is comprised of lush releases that incorporate elements of ambience, drone, electronics and post-rock. He lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.


Other projects will come later in very limited edition as this is the way Wilson Trouvé/Monochromie will present his visual and musical production to music and art works collectors (vinyl, cd, drawings, photography as collector's set)