Maura Records

Maura Records was founded in 2014 by Michel Riv, with the idea to support new artist and sharing the music.

Introducing artist like NoaX, The Event7,Alex.D, Javi Row, Ivan Perk, Sebastian Boehlke, Porno Poltergeist, Cora Deep, PassGar, Nemanja Vanovic, Apodyopsis, Snok´s Hypnotic Perc, Elmer FullBeat, Mark M.S. and of course, willing to let new upcoming artist release their music, they gonna be a "trendmark" and "one of the most influential peoples in the music business Label's".

With a clever and constantly evolving esthetics for all projects, Maura Records is becoming more than an independent music Label, but a lifestyle brand setting trends.

The first reason why i created Maura Records was to simplify and give opportunities to upcoming artist to come forward with their music, to be able to share their passion and talent, to make them come closer to each others.
The next step would be to open up to a wide public and to help young generation to discover the universality of music via schools, programs, etc…

" I believe music can make a better world "