Atlanta, GA
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Surf is Amir Benjamin - an American rapper, singer, producer and songwriter. The 20 year old artist redefines the traditional hip hop sound with a new generation feel by incorporating smooth melodies and deep 808’s in his most notable tracks such as ‘Fight’, ‘Itsok2cry’ & ‘Better Days’. The sound he’s created stems from his cultural upbringing growing up a millennial in the metro Atlanta area, hence the trap influence and hard hitting 808’s. After independently releasing 3 solo projects, Surf has just most recently released, BADDER HUMAN on September 20, 2019 via Feltone Music. Surf is inspired by artists like Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Bankroll Fresh, Speakerknockers and Chief Keef. He is able to use elements from their early projects to formulate his new school sound.