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Autolect (real name William Lamont Robinson, born May 28,1972 in Easton, Maryland) is an Underground Hip Hop Artist, Composer, Performer, Songwriter and Recorded Music Producer from the United States. The Autolect Catalog consist of 20 plus releases. Including collaborations, productions and exclusives from 2004 to 2016.

Early life

At the age of 8, William's father reenlisted in the United States Air Force, and the family was stationed in the UK at the "TWIN BASES" Bentwaters Air Force Base & RAF Woodbridge, Bentwaters is also known as the location for the alleged December 1980 UFO incident in Rendlesham Forest. In 1984 the family moved to Castle Air Force Base in the town of Atwater, California, where he grew up.

William attended Atwater High, where he excelled as a football player. He also attended Merced College in Merced, California, starring in the defensive backfield for 2 years. During the 1990s, he briefly played intercollegiate football for Humboldt State University. At Humboldt State, William reverted to the religion of Al-Islam and Changed his name to Hasan.

Early professional career

In 1993, he moved to Los Angeles. Pursuing, a career in music and in 1994 he joined Amani K. Smith, POMO & Marlow to form THE GIANTS. William begun to produce and record records with THE GIANTS and gained the attention of DJ Nu-Mark ( Jurassic 5) whom was a talent scout and supervisor of recording sessions in the Los Angeles area for Correct Records. In 1997, he left Los angeles and moved to Philadelphia, Pa. While in Greenville, Nc. William recorded and released "Usephasan - Chemistry Teraqueous." on his own independent label Required / New Harvest. Appearing alongside notable artist such as of Anticon & Vaste Aire of Cannibol Ox on Centrifugal Phorce Records, The Persecution Of Hip Hop. After the release of his second single "Usephasan - KH: Iman.Cip.8.tor cd" in 1999 and his third, a white label vinyl "Usephasan - Klassic Soul" in 2001.


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Autolect (Hasan Atiq)
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Autolect (Hasan Atiq)
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Autolect (Hasan Atiq)
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Autolect (Hasan Atiq)
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Vinyl Format
7” / Color (Red) / 45 RPM
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Basmala, instrumental hip-hop, library music & graphic artist.

"The beatsmith has come up with something that's futuristic sounding, spiritual and unique." -Big Shot Mag

There’s nothing simplistic about the music of west coast visionary soul artist Basmala. He prefers to push boundaries, and bridge gaps between genres, and generations.

The style he created, and dubbed visionary soul, is a mixture of computer based production, and live percussion, that brings together elements of hip-hop and electronic music. The sound has a soulful ambience, as it’s built on a layered combination of classic hip-hop drums, harmonious vocals, and abstract rap lyrics based in social commentary, and individual enlightenment.

Basmala’s work has inspired rave reviews from the indie hip-hop community. Blogger, and producer, elmattic, said of Basmala’s music, “(It’s) from some alternative reality where (Eric) Dolphy and (Charles) Mingus invented the MPC, and jazz never ended.”

While his music may embody an alternate reality, changing his own reality has been a major theme for Basmala, who is a relatively new name, but not a new face, on the scene. Also recording as Hasan Atiq, which is the name he uses when he is strictly being a vocalist, Basmala’s history includes releasing five albums from 2005-2010 under the name Autolect, one of which featured production from 9th Wonder. Also see 'Usephasan' 1996-2003.

Basmala, however, is more than just the latest in a line of monikers. It has a far deeper meaning. “Basmala is the intention behind everything I am doing,” he explains. “When you’re making music, especially in different genres, and writing lyrics, the process can become convoluted. Projects fall apart, and the cohesiveness of what you’re trying to achieve is lost. Basmala brought that wholeness back with focus. It allowed me to remove, or trim, the ego a bit in order to accomplish what needs to be.