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"Bastelbande incorporates groovy and powerful drumbeats reminiscent of Wilhelm and Meyer’s roots in Hip Hop but also features samples, layers and sound effects, which transposes them into the realms of Trip Hop. Their overall sound is comparable to artists such as Bonobo, Thievery Corporation and Quantic; however, a seamless fusion of soulful saxophones, jazzy pianos and funky guitar riffs sets them apart from the rest and gives them their signature feel-good vibe." - Aviary Bridge Records

"Off The Beaten Tracks opens with ‘Entrance', a track that draws you straight into Bastelbande's strident musicality, underpinned by a surrealist vibe which grabs you instantly. The electric guitar strums in ‘Good Evenings’ make an epic addition to the album alongside the spoken vocal overtures of ‘Welcome’. Isa then joins Bastelbande for ‘Piece of Love’, a melodic track woven with delicacy. ‘From the Stars’, ‘Black Rainbow’ and ‘Hopscotch’ provide yet more diversity to the album. ‘Roads’ (featuring Tom Zips) presents a light-hearted side to Bastelbande’s vast production spectrum, contrasting with ‘Sans Soleil’ and ‘Lovelove.hatehate’ both of which move with a more jagged edge. We then come to the finale of the album which features artist Dimitri Kalaschnikow for ‘Alt Genug’, a track which pushes through a layer of Dimitri’s own skillsets. The album then concludes with ‘Exit’, the final hurrah for an album which is sure to put Bastelbande on the map." - Cygnus