The Cold Rise From Sleep

20SIX Hundred


SOFA KING VINYL is pleased to partner up with Industrial Synthwave artist 20SIX HUNDRED for the eagerly-anticipated vinyl release of the album 'The Cold Rise From Sleep'

Pressing vinyl is expensive, however, and in order for us to be sure that there is enough demand for the album we need enough people to pre-order the LP to make it happen. If we get at least 100 pre-orders within the campaign period, it will go to press. We will allow orders after the goal is reached until the campaign period ends. You will only be charged if we reach our goal.

We have chosen Qrates for this campaign because they have the best rates around when it comes to international shipping. We want as many fans as possible to be able to participate and not feel like they are being robbed on shipping costs. Qrates has assured us that they have eliminated the use of the flimsy chip-board mailers and are now using sturdy "buckwrap" mailers to send records to customers.

We are not responsible for any lost or stolen packages. Most territories don't even need to worry about this issue, but there are certain countries whose post service is questionable and have high rates of internal theft. If you typically haven't had problems receiving other items you've ordered in the past, then the risk is rather minimal. If packages get "lost" often, proceed at your own risk.

Does not include any VAT, taxes, or customs fees.

Release details:
*Mastered for Vinyl From the Original 24-bit Master Mixes
*Exclusive Artwork (art shown may not be final version)
*Full Color Labels
*Exclusive Vinyl Mixes

Note: we only have one track per side to preview. The LP will contain 10 tracks

1. Perpetual Dusk
2. The Witching
3. Dead of Night
4. After Hours
5. On The Verge
6. Fall of the Cyanide Grid
7. Death Perception
8. Obscured by Memories
9. The Blackness
10. Cimmerian Shade/Last Moments


A Side

Song Preview - The Witching (1 of 5)
20SIX Hundred
Vinyl Only

B Side

Song Preview - Death Perception (1 of 5)
20SIX Hundred
Vinyl Only


Project Finished
$ 25.00
Funding project
This funding project accepts orders during its project period and you will be charged once the project succeeds. The project period may be shortened or extended depending on the situation.
Order period
2017/07/24 00:00 UTC
~ 2017/09/24 00:00 UTC
Estimated shipping date
Your record will be shipped in 8 weeks normally after the funding has succeeded
* Please be aware that the schedule may change depending on the pressing process with the artist and the plant/depending on the situation.
Ship from Qrates (United Kingdom)

to United States : $ 6.00~


The Cold Rise From Sleep

20SIX Hundred
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Vinyl Format
12” / Black / 33 RPM
$ 25.00
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