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GermAeon’s disturbed sound perfectly captures the unwavering existential angst of the modern era. A leading voice in the UK’s burgeoning dark ambient/dungeon synth scene, his bleak atmospheres and minimalist arrangements fully immerse the imagination. After years of privately honing his craft, he is now emerging, sharing his dark vision with a rapidly growing legion of fans.

First emerging under the moniker ‘Be Not Idle In Preparation For Thy Doom,’ the Renfrew-based producer quickly built up one of the most impressive discographies in the genre. Existing well outside of the mainstream, the albums contained an almost unparalleled level of emotional depth and authenticity. And yet, this was only a warning of the sounds that GermAeon would soon create.

With his debut full length ‘Crusade of the Priests, of L'Edsommr’ GermAeon has fully realized his vision. The historically themed concept record carefully explores the darkness within the human soul. The sounds on this record will challenge, frighten, and hypnotize listeners in a way they have never experienced before.