Konda Unstruct

Germany Cologne
0 projectsNeo soul

Growing up in the 80s with music from cassette and vinyl and later deeply influenced by the boom bap sound of the 90s, Konda Unstruct first started as a rapper in 1995 under the name LST da phunky child.
After more than 7 solo releases, he dedicated himself entirely to beats and instrumentals in 2020.

In his productions, spherical soundscapes fuse with darkly dreamed melodies, which are deeply rooted in multilayered levels of surface noise and dirty, distorted drums to express the chaos and beauty of his world.

On this newly oriented journey, he combines his everyday life, musical and visual influences with the currents of modern genres. With his affinity for art and the abstract, Konda Unstruct stands for a constantly changing and expanding form of music without fixed boundaries.