I didnt start my career as a beatmaker, i started it as a hiphop-DJ and record collector. Bought my first Technics 1200 in ´96 and started to record mixtapes in my apartment that i sold on the local record store. Soon i started to throw my own parties on restaurants and pizzerias were my friends, local skateboarders, and other people that were open for new culture came to hang out. I started to make beats in 2002 and my debut album "The Soulsnatcher BD" (CD only) came out in 2005 on Valentine Recording/Sony. That album opened many doors for me and in some ways made me a household name on the underground scene in Sweden. A couple of years later i formed the duo The Last Days Of Disco together with my friend Soul Supreme . We were the only two people way up in Sápmi that were serious with the beatmaking back then. We got signed and our first (and only) album "The Last Dance LP" were nominated for a Grammy in Sweden for best ”soul, hiphop and R&B” in 2008. After this i was developing more into a songwriter and producer for others, and from 2009 i established my own studio in Stockholm and worked with everyone from rappers to singers, releasing several own projects on my label Grind Records. I produced everything from rap to electronic music and pop, but i wasn´t truly happy. So i cashed out of the publishing deal and started over just making beats for the love again, still to this day heavily influenced by the Golden Era of hiphop that i came up in way back when.