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Funk formation started by Tom Eysink Smeets (Magic Tom & Yuri / Orgaanklap) and Adam Bar-Pereg (Benny SIngs / Never Mind the Stars). Releasing Funk and Fun tracks since 2017. After a handful of singles, 1 book, a whole lot of music videos (All directed by Tom) and playing a bunch of amazing festivals throughout the Netherlands, they set out in 2019 to make the best funk record they could ever make... and 2 years later: we think we succeeded! But we couldn't have done it without the amazing contributions of some amazing human beings like Kid Creole, Grand Puba, St. Paul Peterson, Mark Lettieri, Jake Sherman, Chew Fu, Benjamin Herman, Gangs of Kin, Nick Frenay, J-Rod Sullivan, Broken Brass, Legendary Baller and many more!