Where do I begin... I have had a rocky relationship with music since forever. I never do quite know where I stand with it. Some days it's all that matters, other days I just can't stand it.

Young me had some innate desire to study music but I never could wrap my head around it. I still remember jotting down key signatures on paper and wondering what the hell was it all about.

At guitar exams (still child jarjar) I would be asked to sight read music and play, but I had never been taught to sight read. Of course, I would play any random sequence of notes and hope for the best. This experience I think, is what ended my first love affair with music. It made me think I was lacking in something. I quit lessons. I never did stop playing that guitar though.

Reflecting on years gone by, I can see when my scopes began naively honing in on music production, though I had yet to learn what that was. Now a little older I would discover a really primal music making software. This of course captivated me like nothing had before. Soon I was handing out CDs to innocent passers by at my school.

From there, these were my musical heroes in the order of discovery: Gangstarr -> Joey Badass' -> DOOM -> Dilla -> Tom Misch.

My brains a little more swole now, and all that theory that had me perplexed is starting to sink in.

So with said, let's see how it goes.