Jesper Hansen

Having worked primarily as a composer for film and TV in his native Denmark, as well as the UK and Russia, his music has been used in countless audiovisual productions around the world, and his concert music has been performed in many European countries by both soloists and ensembles.

His current project 'Images of Winter' will be released worldwide on February 28th, and will mark his first release as an artist, outside the world of filmmusic.
On 'Images of Winter' Jesper Hansen (piano) is joined by world class guest soloists like Pedro Eustache (Chinese flute), Mathias Heise (Hamonica), Perry Stenbäck (Nyckleharpa), Morten Grønvad (Percussion) and Jullie Hjetland (Vocals), as well as the acclaimed string quartet LiveStrings.

The album can best be described as a neo-classical work full of lyrical melodies and Nordic melancholy.