Moses Mo and The Real Cool Band

Atlanta, GA USA
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There's a new band in town with a great old twist. Moses Mo, lead guitar player for the legendary band, Mother's Finest, has a solo project, which he is calling, Moses Mo and The Real Cool Band, in short, MosesMo and The RCB.
The band is a combination of rock and the blues with a strong influence of hip hop by rapper Zero Basement. The band also features Mike Long on bass and Kerry Denton on drums. Recently, they added PoiZen EV to the lineup as percussionist and background vocalist. The band has been gigging all across Atlanta and has a European tour planned soon in the future.

Mo has this to say about the project: "Since I was a young man, I have been a part of a group of brothers and sisters, Mother's Finest, who enjoyed the groove and rhythm of music, filled with a passion stronger than any one soul, we forged a genre, a following, and a career for ourselves.
Stepping out on my own is inspiring, always learning more about myself and sharing it with others is what I do."

About the rap influence that Zero Basement brings to the project, Mo has this to say: "A lot of the songs on our newest release DRIVE IN were inspired by old school rap. Hearing what Zero came up with to add to the songs was outstanding, his parts were what many of the songs needed to make them more contemporary to the funk rock music genre I was most familiar with. His presence in the live version was must have, his talent is amazing and natural ability to entertain has become our secret weapon, for those who thought they didn't like rap."