SonicPicnic is a team of five composers and sound designers. Since 2002 they compose, design, record, mix and play everything that can make sound. For games, films, videos, television formats, commercials, animations and installations, to name a few. Their music and sound effects can be heard in several game titles on all possible platforms.

Credits include:
Blightbound (PC/Mac)
Rive (Nintendo Switch, PS4, Steam)
Speedrunners (PS4, Xbox One, Steam)
Toki Tori (Nintendo Switch, PS4, Steam)
Typoman (Nintendo Switch, XBox One, PS4. Steam)
Swords and Soldiers 1+2 (Nintendo Switch, PS4, Steam)
and of course: Awesomenauts (PS4, Xbox One, Steam)
and countless other smaller and bigger projects.