Established in 2012, NINETOFIVE is an international community of producers, visual artists, writers and other creatives joined through a shared passion for genre-bending instrumental music and the global beat scene. As a collective, our ethos is pro-artist and anti-gatekeeper, and we want to lower the barriers to entry into the global beat scene. By supporting our open community of engaged creatives, we hope to grow the beat scene and showcase a catalog from its most talented members. Our artists and affiliates hail from all corners: Paris, London, Los Angeles, Toronto, Copenhagen, Vancouver, New York, Medellín, Naples, Stockholm and Detroit are just a few of the cities.

Producers whose work is selected for release on the catalog will have the support of our team in developing high-quality album artwork and with developing a promotional strategy for the release. Our editorial staff also conducts interviews and develops press bios with many of the artists on our roster; we care about helping expose the individuals and stories behind the music. Since we care about the producer, we aim to keep a in-house membership due to travelling, live-shows and yearly gatherings including support from the crew whenever a producer is releasing something new on the catalog.

Thank you for supporting us, we highly appreciate it.
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