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Will Miles
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Burner feat Robert Manos - Will Miles comes with a modern vibe and a really subdued but tightly packed groove on this one. Drums allow for repeating melody of soft, bell-toned keys to burrow deep as Mr Robert Manos layers this one with lush vocal work. Pulsing bassline and pure soul keep the vibes deep and on the late-night tip. Stunning work all around on this one.

Cutter feat Sopheye - Gripping piano melody and buttery tones from Miss Sopheye laid out like a velvet rug draped over stuttering drum work and a simple bassline blur the lines between R&B and Drum and Bass and it fits so well. Sexier and sexier as it progresses, this one lets you breathe it all in without trying to crowd your senses. Exceptional work between producer and vocalist really shines here.

Elm Imprint wants to bring you a diverse soundscape of Drum and Bass. These cuts really shine light on the other end of the spectrum. It’s not always about tearing off the club doors and setting your speakers on fire. Sometimes it’s all about the slow sizzle. Maximum respect to Robert Manos and Sopheye for lending their talent on this one!