The Weingärtner Phonogram Company

Vancouver, BC
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Founded in 2013, The Weingärtner Phonogram Company is a music production company and record label to record, distribute, and promote new works by classical chamber ensembles, composers, jazz combos, electronica, and music by blues, folk, and rock bands.

The Weingärtner Phonogram Company was founded to bring a sense of artistic pride to capturing and releasing recordings of original contemporary music to the public. The company operates with three main focuses; providing high quality recording and mixing services of both studio recordings and live concerts, live sound reinforcement, and operating as a record label.

As a label we are pleased to have produced and released three full length albums in the fall of 2014. In 2015 and beyond, our focus has begun to grow to not only releasing and promoting works we’ve recorded and produced ourselves, but also curating special edition releases of artists and ensembles we may not have had a direct hand in recording, but see something special in their music. We are pleased to help more artists connect with an ever wider audience by providing additional promotional and networking opportunities through our company. We are also exceptionally excited that a key feature of this service is that most of these special edition releases are on vinyl through the platform provided by Qrates!

Please view our vinyl projects below, and visit our website for information about our other artists and releases!

The Weingärtner Phonogram Company
Vancouver, BC, Canada